Wade Davis on Coming Out as Gay: ‘People Are Loving You for You, Not Who You Love’

In the last 72 hours, Wade Davis has gone from an anonymous former professional football player to the latest face of social change and equality. Davis told theGrio that he has been “out” as a gay man for years; he has just finally decided to tell his story.

“Probably in high school, around 11th grade I started to understand that maybe I was gay,” Davis said in an exclusive interview with theGrio. “People around had used terms to describe someone as ‘gay’ but I didn’t understand what that meant.” Read more

Ex-Titans CB Wade Davis Comes Out

NEW YORK — A cornerback who spent four preseasons with three NFL teams and also played in NFL Europe has come out as gay, joining a small but growing number of former athletes who are publicly acknowledging they are gays or lesbians.

Wade Davis, who played in college at Weber State and spent the 2000 and 2002 preseasons with the Tennessee Titans, said he didn’t tell his teammates he was gay because he feared the impact it would have in the locker room. Jevon Kearse and Samari Rolle were among his closest friends on the Titans, and he would later be invited to Rolle’s wedding. Read more