Men, gather round: This NFL player turned feminist will teach you how to fight sexism

Wade Davis is a former player for the National Football League and a self-identified feminist advocate. But when I meet him at a women’s leadership forum sponsored by the technology firm AppNexus, he tells me that if I’d known him 10 years ago, I would have dismissed him as a total jerk.

“Every day I have to be actively involved in educating myself to understand that women’s lives are very different than mine,” Davis says. “And I am actively complicit if I’m not doing work to make your lives better.”
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Speaker addresses masculinity in sports

On Thursday, March 9, Gay Lesbian or Whatever (GLOW) hosted speaker Wade Davis in the Pause. Davis is one of the few professional football players to have publicly come out as gay and is also known for co-founding the YOU Belong Initiative. In addition, he has served as the executive director of You Can Play, an organization that aims to combat homophobia in professional sports. Davis is a renowned speaker who left quite an impression on campus. Read more

As American as Refusing to Stand for the National Anthem!
Patriots shun the White House. Sports stars turn ESPN into MSNBC. And brands smell the commercial potential in political rage.

Late last year, George Gittens, who goes by Dr. Natural, got a call from Nessa Diab, the host of Hot 97’s afternoon show. Dr. Natural is a holistic-health advocate in Brooklyn who has long dreadlocks­ and maintains a raw, vegan, alkaline diet. Diab was hoping Dr. Natural would speak at an event she was putting on with her boyfriend, a professional football player. “I said, ‘Cup-ernick?’ ” Dr. Natural said recently. “ ‘Who’s Cup-ernick?’ ” Diab clarified that her boyfriend was the San Francisco 49er who had knelt during the national anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality in America, causing dozens of other athletes to join him in solidarity and then-candidate Trump to suggest he find another country. “I didn’t know his name,” Dr. Natural said. “I just knew him as the guy who took a knee.” Read more

Former NFL Football Player Wade Davis Speaks at UMass

Wade Davis focused on promoting gender equality and engaging men in converstions around issues of gender discrimination and sexual violence against women during his talk on Thursday, Feb. 2.

The event, titled “Protecting Me and We: Ending Gender Discrimination and Sexual Violence,” was sponsored by the Men and Masculinities Center and part of Black Heritage Month, organized by the Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success at UMass. Read more

Thanksgiving Proclamation: Hope, Healing, Unity, Acceptance…and Football

We’ve been here before, America. We’ve arrived at many Thanksgivings of the past divided, confused, anxious, depressed, frightened and disillusioned.

Thanksgiving has been with us since the end of the Revolution, through terrorist attacks, segregation, two world wars, a Great Depression, the Civil War, slavery and the burning of the White House to the ground. Read more